Buy Now, Ski Now

Purchase your eligible 2021/2022 season pass now
and ski the rest of this winter and next! 


Is this benefit available on all passes?

Yes, although some benefits - including discount lift tickets, FREE days at partner ski areas and the 12 FREE days on the Power Pass Select and 5 FREE weekdays on the Power Pass Local - are not valid until the 2021/2022 winter season.

I don’t have a season pass. How can I start skiing this winter?

Purchase your 2021/2022 season pass now and, during the check-out process, do not select free shipping. Instead, on your first day this spring, visit your home mountain’s lift ticket office to pick up your new season pass and start skiing!

I already have a 2020/2021 season pass. Do I need another one?

Not necessarily. You can continue to ski on your 2020/2021 season pass through the remainder of the year.

I have a 2020/2021 weekday pass but I purchased an upgraded pass that allows me to ski next season on weekends. Do I need a new pass?

Once you’ve purchased your 2021/2022 season pass, you can continue to use your existing 2020/2021 pass through the rest of the season, even if you have a weekday pass and upgraded to a pass that includes weekends next winter. Next winter, you will need your 2021/2022 season pass!

My 2021/2022 season pass includes discounted lift tickets. Can I use those this spring?

No. 2021/2022 benefits will be available starting winter 2021/2022.

I purchased a 2021/2022 weekday pass. Can I ski weekends for the rest of this spring?

No. The 2021/2022 use restrictions still apply.