Picking Up Your Pass

Can I have my pass mailed to me?

Yes! Simply select the “shipping” option at checkout.

When and where can I pick up my pass?

Please check with your home mountain’s local ticket or season pass office.

I’d like to talk with someone about my season pass. Who should I contact?

Please check with your home mountain’s local ticket or season pass office.

Where can I buy my season pass online?

Right here.

Will I be able to use the same photo as last year?

Anyone 17 or younger will need a new photo every year. Anyone ages 18 and older can use their old pass photo as long as it is a passport-like photo and meets our photo criteria.

Season Pass Payment Plan

Is there interest or a finance charge?

No. There is no interest when you choose to pay with the payment plan. Payments that are declined may be charged a $20 administrative fee per incident.

Does my season pass cost more this way?

No. In fact, your monthly payment could be less than the price of a lift ticket!

Do I still get the same benefits as opposed to paying all at once?

Yes. Enjoy all the benefits of being a season passholder while you’re paying for your pass.

How many months will it take to pay for my pass?

The number of payments – and the number of months – depends on when you purchase your season pass. All payments for the winter pass are complete on November 30, 2021, and all payments for the summer pass are complete on July 30, 2021.

Can I pay with cash or check?

At this time, we can only accept credit cards on the payment plan.

Can I use the payment plan on anything else, like lodging, rentals or ski school?

No. At this time, the payment plan is only an option to purchase season passes.

Do I have to wait until my pass is paid in full before I can use it?

No. As long as you are making the monthly payment, you can use the benefits anytime.

Can I buy two passes but have only one on the payment plan?

Only if you purchase them in separate transactions. Whether you’re buying a winter and a summer pass for yourself or two winter passes for two people in your family, if you select the payment plan, all products in your cart will be included on that plan.

Where can I get more details about the payment plan?

Right here.

Additional Pass Questions

What's the difference between the different Power Pass products?

It has everything to do with the benefits. The Power Pass is our best pass and provides unlimited access to all 8 mountains. The Power Pass Select provides unlimited access to 6 mountains plus 12 FREE days to be shared between Purgatory and Snowbowl (blackout dates apply). The Power Pass Local provides unlimited access to 3 mountains plus restricted Sunday-Thursday access at Nordic Valley (blackout dates apply).

The names are similar but the benefits are different! Learn more.

How can I receive my discounted lift tickets?

Several of our season passes include six 25% off tickets - these discounts are available on the online rate. Beginning winter 2021/2022, you'll redeem these discounts online. Stay tuned for details!

Can I share my discounted lift tickets or can I keep them for myself?

If your pass includes the six discounted lift tickets that provide 25% off the online rate, you are welcome to use those for yourself or share them with a friend.

Does my season pass include FREE days at other resorts?

It depends on what type of pass you purchase. For the list of partnerships on the Power Pass, click here. For the Power Pass Select partnerships, click here. For Power Pass Local partnerships, click here.

What benefits are included on the Power Kids season pass?

Power Kids season pass provides FREE, direct to lift access to kids ages 12 and younger. This pass does not include any additional perks.